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こんにちは、皆さん!お元気ですか?今日、私は二冊本を買いました。「The Japanese Experience」と「Japan: It’s History and Culture」。読みたいですよ!

So husband and I were in town today to buy a new car battery for his car, and to take the cat to get a haircut. While we were waiting for kitty to be done at her ‘hair appointment’ we went to the local book store. Let me just say, I LOVE BOOKS. I can NEVER have enough books. If I could fill my house with bookshelves and afford to fill them all with all different kinds of books, I totally would. Anyone who has read my previous blogs, might have a little understanding of where I’m coming from with some things I am going to write about today. I’m not so much going to write about any language things I’ve learned as of late, because I haven’t done any studying since my last post.

I’ve gotten lazy, real lazy. I find it very difficult to get motivation to study, when I don’t have a solid concrete end goal. I mean sure, I want to be able to hold up a conversation, and read signs, and do basic things with out much effort. That goal is rather vague, and there is no definitive deadline. Sure, I had promised myself last year that I wanted to make it back to Japan this fall. That didn’t happen though with a sudden move, and some other unexpected expenses. I just couldn’t justify spending as much as 2,000 USD on a plane ticket. So I can sit here and say “Well I want to be able to speak enough to get by in Japan well enough when I go visit.”, but in reality I’m not 100% certain when that will be. After I failed to go this year, I told myself, okay maybe next fall instead. That gives me a year to save up! But now we are being rushed into buying a bigger vehicle, and house taxes, and possibly eye surgery later in the spring sometime, and well, basic life stuff that fate loves to throw at you when you least expect it.しょうがない。

Anyways I degress. I bought two new books today, The Japanese Experience, and Japan: It’s History and Culture. I have mentioned my 100% total (albeit crazy sounding) belief in this blog. “But Star…” you might say, “that’s what every Japanophile says!”. That may be… but it’s not simply “I love Japan.” It’s more than that. I can’t really put it into words with out sounding like I’m completely nuts, but it’s a strong belief of mine, and it’s deeply ingrained into me. That being said, I’m really excited about these two new books I bought. Both are history books. I really also wanted to buy some religion books on the Japanese buddhism/shinto belief systems, but they didn’t have anything like that at the store. I don’t just want to learn the language, I want to know everything I can about Japan, and the Japanese. Culture, History, Geography, Religion, Superstitions, Holidays, Royalty, Mannerisms… you name it, I want to know about it. Even if it’s something that’s not a happy subject (like funerals), or has got dark undertones, I want to have knowledge about it.

This is where I say, “if money was no object…” I would totally go back to college (… again) and get the highest degree I could majoring in Japanese culture, or the language, or a major in one, and a minor in the other. Of course, I can’t afford to go back to college, as I have 4 kids to put through college eventually. But if I had a ton of money, I would be all over it. For now though, everything I read and learn about myself will have to do. I’ll link below the two books I have, just for fun. :)



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