Pink Starhime

i bleed pink.


こんばんは、皆さん。 久しぶり! お元気ですか。 元気です。 6年何も書かなかった! m(;∇;)m ごめん、ごめん。 
今日から90日日本に行く! 毎日日本語を勉強する。 今日、県の漢字を覚える。 難しいだよ!

My Japanese is SUPER rusty. I have not been a good student about being motivated to study. A lot has happened in 6 years!!!! I didn’t realize it had been so long since I have updated my webpage/blog. Then again, no one really reads it, so whatever! haha. My kids are +6 years older now, and so my youngest, (who would have been a year old or so in 2012) is now almost 7. We have discovered she is Autistic, and so there is a load of stuff that comes with that. She really likes school (most days) and THRIVES on routine. She absolutely loves going out side and running around, jumping, playing on play equipment, and her favorite thing is the pool. My oldest graduated high school last spring, so she has been kind of a loaf and sitting around doing nothing for the past year except helping with the 7 y/o. Middle two are just going through the motions.

We got two dogs! That is new. I will try to add photos when I figure out how this all works again… hahaha. One is black and white spotted, and we named her 雪 (Yuki), and the other one is brown and black kind of splotchy and her name is 遊び (Asobi). They get along really well, and definitely need each other around. They can be selfish and obnoxious, but we love them.

As it says up top, hubby and I are going to Japan!! Again! It has been almost 10 years since our last trip, and we finally have it together enough to go again. This time we aren’t going alone though, we are going with 4 good local friends (as opposed to online ones). Two of which have gone to Japan several times, and two who have never been. It will be super fun! I am SOOOO excited. I just really am hell bent on studying as much as I can before we go so I can function while over there this time. HOLY CRAP PLANE TICKETS ARE SO MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE THIS TIME!! Last time (granted, the trip was paid for because it was our honeymoon, but I know how much everything cost) the plane tickets were about $850 per person. Which, is SUPER CHEAP compared to the $2170 per person I paid a couple weeks ago!!!!!! BLASPHEMY!! The hotel, assuming we don’t stay at a Ryokan one or two nights, which I REALLY want to this time, but it’s still in the air, will cost us about $1600 for 9 nights. We have a more detailed and extensive list of stuff to do this time around, I CANNOT WAIT. ٩(●ᴗ●)۶


こんにちは、皆さん!お元気ですか?今日、私は二冊本を買いました。「The Japanese Experience」と「Japan: It’s History and Culture」。読みたいですよ!