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So a bit of a break from my reviews, as I really ran out of things to write reviews for. Hahaha…. Today I cleaned my house, about as thoroughly as I could… Sweeping, counters, bathrooms, carpets, sofas, glass, doorknobs, sink handles, light switches, laundry, litter box, cat water fountain, dishes, bedsheets, desks, etc. etc. Went and did my weekly grocery shopping too, I came home and was putting the milk into the refrigerator, and I heard a *POP*. I turn around and one of the backdoor’s glass had completely shattered for what seems like no good reason. No glass got in the house, it’s all still “together” but the pane that broke was on the outside of the door, and not the inside. Thank goodness too I was dreading having to clean up a ton of glass in my house. :shock: Can’t call management until Monday either. Let’s hope it stays intact! All in all, I’m pretty worn out, and my day isn’t over yet, but I think it’s time to relax a bit.

So I was trying to think about what I should post about next. I’m kind of at a loss here. Everything has been done before, and I don’t want to seem like I’m just copying someone else’s idea for blog posts. The reviews were great because it was my own opinion, and even though I’ve seen a few sites who have done reviews on learning resources, this was MY opinion, and so was more original in that respect. So ideas? Comments? I thought about writing a compilation list of things like Japanese Table Manners, or something to that effect. I don’t get any comments (except perhaps one or two, total. For my ENTIRE site.) so I don’t have a whole lot of motivation to keep writing, I’d rather know what the people who read my blog would like to see. So go ahead. Throw out ideas in the comments! I’d love to hear them! As always, thanks so much for reading! ありがとうございました!

おやすみなさい、皆さん。 :asleep:

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