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So to the few of you who read this, should know me well enough to know I have been trying to self-teach myself Japanese for almost 3 years now. :tear: I decided to change up my blog a little bit and post things about what I’ve learned about Japanese. This includes, but is not limited to:

Resources I have been using to learn Japanese
My opinions and/or reviews of said resources
New things I’ve learned that I want to share :D
Maybe some other posts about things I’ve learned about culture, or other fun stuff I’ve learned about Japan in general.
If I have enough interest (NOT likely) I can post little mini lessons with Japanese greetings or something…. but I don’t think my blog will ever have enough followers for that. Maybe just for fun… perhaps.

I will still post updates about my life, whats been going on, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I need more motivation to post on my website, after all, I’m paying for it. I figured since no one really reads it ANYWAY I can do whatever I want with out anyone whining about it. :sing: Haha! I’m not going to pretend to be fluent in Japanese by any means, or act like an insufferable know-it-all. I simply need something else to talk about, to keep me writing. What better to do that than with something that I take a HUGE interest in? :hearteyes:

So this is what has been up since I posted last (in terms of everyday stuff):
Since July… Let’s see… shortly after I wrote that post, I went to the beach with my cousin. I had previously seen all these little boys (8 years old or so?) skim-boarding on the beach. It looked easy enough… you just take this thin board, throw it on the first inch or two of water on the shore, run and jump and skim the surface. ALRIGHT! Let’s be BOLD for once and give it a try! :pray: Spent about $15, bought a board and took it to the beach with my cousin. The very first time I tried to do it, I ended up slipping, and putting all my weight on my left foot and breaking it in three places. :bawl: Oops… I spent a couple weeks in one of those walking boots, no load bearing though. Then I had to go to DC for a family event, and so I asked to be put in a cast for safety on the plane. It was a rough three months, I’ll just say. And then RIGHT after it was done healing, I slammed my foot (yes, same foot) into a door-jam and broke two toes. :shout: Everything is healed and well now though, but even talking about it makes my foot feel like it’s aching. haha…

Everyone is fine. All the kids, the baby, hubby, all healthy and well. Had a nice string of colds this past season, but everyone is on the up-and-up now, or close to it. :sweat: The baby has come leaps and bounds since July. She not only can sit up on her own, she can crawl, and stand, and cruise. I put all the bottles in a box when she was 9 months and switched her cold turkey to a soft-tip sippy cup. She’s doing very well. She can eat little finger snacks, and she babbles CONSTANTLY. :laugh: The other kids are growing and learning too. All learning things in school, the two middle kids have had a lot of difficulty with behavioral problems the last several months. :infuriated: More than usual… so we are doing everything we can to try to get them back on track. It’s a slow…. painfully… drawn…. out…. process….. :crazy:

I am planning a trip to Japan here in probably about September. I’ve been TRYING to save up money for plane tickets but it’s proven to be rather difficult. With extra bills for my foot, and insurance changes, and other random necessary things. My best friend though lives in Japan, and she has been super amazing and has offered to let me stay with her and her family when I go to visit. :blowkiss: ありがとうございます!I’m trying to brush up and work on my 日本語 skills as much as I can before I make it there though. :write:

So for now I’ll wrap it up with that. Maybe soon I will make my first post about Japanese related things. :sweat: 頑張ります!Until then・・・



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