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I haven’t posted in nearly a year!! :gomenne: I am so ashamed. Sooo what is new? LOTS. Let’s see if we can re-cap what’s happened in the last year:

Shortly after I made that post I found out I was pregnant. :blush: The due date was 22 April, 2011. So my belly grew… and grew… and grew… and grew… I was huge! During that time I was walking to and from V’s school to get her, and also working my cake job. I continued to work until the 19th of April, by then it was hard to work more than a few hours at a time, and also stand on my feet that long. So the 21st comes, and I went in to see the Doctor, still only dilated to 1cm, no progress. So we set a date for induction. The next day I had what I THOUGHT was fake contractions all day long, starting at about, 4 in the morning. :baka: lunch time came and both kids were home and they were being naughty and I was in screaming pain and told my husband he needed to come home, like NOW. hahaha, I had my baby that night. She’s definitely one of mine! Always punctual :tear:

Last month we made a road trip to TN to get his daughter, and make the obligatory trip to visit family. This was on the 15th. He got a call from his friend down in Florida that they wanted to hire him. Annnd they need him to move, asap, like 3 weeks. :glare: We flew down right after getting home from TN, and had two days to find a place to live and secure it. We did that… and so… we quit our jobs, packed up our stuff, rented a truck and drove… from south east Nebraska, to Florida. Suuuckkky. I think it took us a total of 4 days to get down here. We had to get rid of that kitty I posted about last, 紅葉-ちゃん。:cry: I couldn’t afford to have two cats, and she was peeing. So we’re here now!

Florida. ROCKS. Other than leaving my awesome house and my parents behind :bawl: I love it here. :hearteyes: The beach is awesome! And we have our own private pool right in our backyard! :boogie: AND… the best part… NO FREAKING WINTER!! :celebrate: The coldest it gets is like 40, and that’s at night. Ha!!! So having taken the girls to the beach today (boy stayed home, he cut his foot, not so much for going into salt water) I’m worn out! :asleep: my house is now FINALLY clean and completely put away! :clap: So now I can focus on things like my drawing skills, and 日本語! Although it w ill be better when the kiddies are in school, and only baby will be home :laugh:

Sooo maybe I will actually -remember- to post more than once a year… :sweat: I’ll write myself a sticky!



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