Pink Starhime
i bleed pink.


こんにちは、皆さん!私はスターです。アメリカ人です。日本と日本語が大好きですよ。毎日、日本語を練習します。このブログは私の好きな物についてです。日本語が少し分かります。頑張りま〜す!!   :gomenne:

These are my  koi,  click and give them a treat!! —>

Once I learn a bit more about verb conjugation I’ll finish writing that in Japanese. Anyway, I am just a housewife/mom who loves Japan. The culture, the language, the nuances, the food, etc. I do not think I would want to live there long term, but I do really enjoy it all. :sweat: I live in a nice warm sunny place, and married the love of my life  Todd, on Halloween 2009. We have 4 beautiful children, aged 18, 14, 12 and the “baby” will be 7 years old in April. I stay at home while my husband works, and clean and do housewifey stuff, but also my endless hobbies. I am a 3rd level brown belt in Karate, I cross stitch, and am learning to crochet (just to name a few). I also LOVE to read, I go to the library and check out a large stack of books and just sit and read them. Murder mysteries are my favorite! :tear: I hope you all enjoy my blog.


p.s. I have had this blog since 2009, but I deleted all the old posts, as they really weren’t relevant to anything I’m posting now, and were very short and boring anyways. :3
p.p.s Apparently knowing no one reads this, makes me not so keen to keep up with it. Maybe I will be better the 3rd time around… or maybe not. :P